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Ashley & Co. is excited to take up position in a unique popup in Melbourne’s Chadstone from May 6 – 23.

Discover New, is a showcase of premium New Zealand brands, and we’re thrilled to be amongst a very select cohort invited to attend.

Why not stop by? We’d love to introduce ourselves.

Scent is at the centre of everything we do. From Body, Hair, Home to Essential Cleaning, our products are crafted to be both beautiful and uplifting, practical and effective. Fresh and plush, to musky or verdant, follow your senses on the daily.

Let scent in!

Need some yin to your yang?

Match Mimosa and Lily with a smattering of Sandalwood.

Our scent selector helps you define your scent preferences and introduce you to new and exciting products. Try something new.

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We’re here for your everyday

Easy shifts in our routines can quickly and easily boost our days. Be it lighting a candle at dusk or moisturising before bed, try something new.

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Haircare by Ashley & Co: If Peppy & Lucent was a song, it would your pre-party track. Fresh, upbeat, ready to move.
Informed by her memories of exotic travel and a childhood growing up in Hong Kong, Founder Jackie Ashley set out to make a collection of scents that were uniquely different and a brand that released scents into people’s homes and lives that was unique.

Connecting memories to scents is how we explore the intersection of reality and magic.