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Dear Customers. To remain open, you'll see some changes to our product availability. From now on until further notice it's all about the body & keeping it essential! Most importantly, all appropriate health measures to protect everyone are in place. A&C x

Keep our communities safe

These days, washing your hands regularly is a heroic action! But we needn’t be left with dry and brittle skin. For a limited time, Peppy & Lucent Washup will partner up with Sootherup, so you can stay squeaky clean, yet soft and supple.

All together in a loved-up bundle for $59.90 (RRP $79.90)


Plant Based & Biodegradable

Our Eco-Friendly Dish Wash & Surface Spray

Enriched with the uplifting botanical freshness of citrus, clove bud and cinnamon. Cleaning never felt so good.



A modern day scent company

We savour scents and memories informed by the past, but our spirit is anchored firmly in the present, in the richness of our modern lives. Not beholden to a particular style or trend, we instead hope for an element of timelessness in our range so we can effortlessly be part of others’ lives.


Scent Family

Mortar & Pestle

The rich hue of Cedarwood, Elemi and the dynasty of Black Tea create an exotic composition. Propagate. Pick. Grind.

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